Our desks, our mutual interest


Since we set a relation between our hard drives and desks, we took a step further. We created a virtual desk with symbols of files that our hard drives consist of. First of all, we scanned our hard drives with a programme and obtain the numbers, percentages and -most importantly- sizes of our file types. Then, we looked for common files and bring them under another files like putting mp3, wav,mp4 formatted files in to “Music” folder. Then we calculated GB’s of each major file. Finally, we compare our files GB’s in order to know what is “most” or “least” mutual in our hard drives.

In this info graphic, our first and main aim was to represent most and least mutual file types in correlation to our file sizes. In this manner, we used big-small and closeness-distantness relation to give a sense of most or least mutuals. For an instance, our most common sized file was image files (1) and least mutual sized files were game (5) and setting files (6).

In other aspect, we also want the share the ratio of our specific files which are represented by colours. For an example, Begum’s image files are 29,6 GB and Mert’s are 27.6 GB (red) which are very close numbers. In that sense, we used the colours to give a sense of a progressing bar, not full, proportional to Begum’s image file’s size in relation to Mert’s image file’s size.

We didn’t want to give a specific information about our hard drives like statistics or percentages. Our concern was to represent an overall case. That’s why we didn’t put a legend in to our info graphic.


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