Not to Do List

Since I will took part as a designer in this project, I made great numbers of research about “mind mapping”.

First I searched for resources, what have been done before? For a whole week, I thought about how to represent these data. After some research, I was disappointed because of what I found and I started write up a list of what not to do rather than making a to do list. I noticed that all mind mapping examples were consist of geometric shapes and lines which are overly used and very boring. I also made a list of stereotype design elements for mind-mapping to avoid myself get in to. The first and most common examples that I found were hand-made like mind maps;

Usually, mind maps were rather too boring or too hand-made looking. It was like a visual disaster.

Then, I also noticed that these branched diagrams always remind me of nerves. Sometimes this representation was intentional sometimes not. I also encountered with several mind map representations by brain demonstrations. I thought that it was too literal to represent a mind map with a brain.

Moreover, tree representations were also common. I found the idea of tree representation ambiguous because of the fact that family trees are usually depict literally with trees and they are completely different info graphs than mind maps.

Also light bulbs were in common.

Finally what I found pleasing was only this mind map,


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