Our Hard Drives / First Assignment

We, two person staying in dorms, for us, our desks in dormitory room where we spent majority of our time. It’s is changing every hour, every day. We bring and borrow things, the material on the desk is always changing. In that sense we thought that, our desks clearly reflecting our hard-drives. We continuously download or upload things from/to web or to our USBs. What we have on our desks and in our “downloads” folder always changing.

Than, we took photos of our desks, not to compare but to find common things and explain what was the association behind this. For me, Begum, my hard drive is consist of mostly photographs, likewise, in my desk I have lots of photographs rather than written post-its on board. I have lots of painting tools and materials for to “make” things. In a similar way, I am using mostly photoshop and illustrator to paint or edit things digitally. For Mert, his desk is obviously more arranged than mine. He said me that, he files everything in his hard-drive neatly, folder in folder in folder.


For this assignment, we also thought about “arranging” things or not. We didn’t want to set things up. On the contrary, we took photos of our desktops spontaneously as they are, while we are working. We used iPhone rather than professional camera to avoid that feeling of “set-up”.

Photo 05.03.2013 13 25 55


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